Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges




  • 3.001 Electronic Learning Statements and Initial Procedures 
  • 3.002 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities in Electronically-Supported Instruction (Superseded by eLearning Policy #3.001)
  • 3.003 Memorandum of Agreement for e-Learning/Distance Learning (Superseded by eLearning Policy #3.001)
  • 3.004 Minimum IT Standards for Campus Participation in e-Learning (Superseded by eLearning Policy #3.001)
  • 3.005 Compressed Video and Proctor Training Requirements (Superseded by eLearning Policy #3.001)
  • 3.007 Student Orientation (Superseded by eLearning Policy #3.001)
  • 3.008 Guidelines and Stipulations for Offering General Education: Applied and Transferable (Superseded by eLearning Policy #3.001)
  • 3.009 Responsibilities of Transmitting Institutions (Superseded by eLearning Policy #3.001)
  • 3.010 Competencies for e-Learning Faculty in Lieu of 45 Training Hours (Superseded by eLearning Policy #3.001)
  • 3.011 Scaffolds/Tiers for Access to Quality e-Learning Course Development (Superseded by eLearning Policy #3.001)
  • 3.012 Coordinator Job Description (framework and contents) (Superseded by eLearning Policy #3.001)
  • 3.013 Guidelines for Quality Control Process (Superseded by eLearning Policy #3.001)


Human Resources

Career & Technical Education

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