Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges

Governor John Bel Edwards understands the value of community and technical colleges!

In April, the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) gathered together in Baton Rouge to share our vision for 2020 at our 2016 professional development conference. Our conference, sponsored by Praxair, was the premier event for Louisiana’s community and technical colleges, attracting over 1,000 faculty, staff, and administrative leaders.

Our workshops and general sessions provided an exciting opportunity to showcase our people, and support our scholars, teachers, and practitioners’ professional development and interest in teaching, learning, and technology.

In addition to learning best practices and collaborating with colleagues, Governor John Bel Edwards delivered a keynote address to honor LCTCS for preparing students for success, and to reinforce the values of investing in our students and our state.

The future of Louisiana has never looked brighter, and Governor Edwards and the LCTCS is dedicated to providing the skilled workforce needed to permanently improve the economic prosperity of Louisiana.


Below are eight short clips that highlights Governor Edwards’ speech at our conference. To watch the full 2016 LCTCS annual conference video, click here.

"Investing in our students"
"LCTCS is not failing their students"
"Education is an investment"
"Bringing adults back to the system"
"LCTCS prepares students to be successful"
"We will fully fund TOPS"
"You cannot always do more with less"
"Education is an investment"
"We cannot fail our children or our state."
The 2017 Annual Conference is tentatively scheduled for September 20 – 22. Stay tuned for more updates.









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