Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges

Some tips for a great proposal and presentation:

  • Deliver what you promise, make sure your presentation matches the program description
  • The presentation title is the first opportunity to invite attendees to your session. Think about using descriptive words rather than catchy phrases.
  • Get a second opinion.
  • Use active learning strategies—involve your audience.
  • Accommodate all learning styles.
  • Be interactive; show me, don’t tell me.
  • Practice beforehand. Pre-test your technology on-site.
  • Challenge your attendees, make them think and give them something practical to take back to their classroom/office.
  • Provide high-quality deliverables (PowerPoints, URLs, documents, etc.) that can guide attendees after the presentation, be useful to those who didn’t attend your session, and can help market your session to potential attendees if available in advance.
This page links to PDF files. Use this link to download Adobe Reader if needed.